The ADCV organizes, for the second consecutive year, the 6th National Meeting of Design Associations (6ENAD) to be held in Valencia on September 20 and 21 coinciding with Feria Hábitat Valencia and Valencia Disseny Week. The aim is to create a place that allows the exchange of opinions and information between design experts and a space to disseminate relevant trends. We focus on five concepts that will be the basis from which we will generate this year's image: evolution, interaction, collaboration, dialogue and transformation. Through the most identifying elements, such as the acronym and the number 6, we transferred these five concepts to the graphic image.

The letters of the acronym are those that, through their journey through space and their metamorphosis, make up the new edition. We thus open a door to the transformation and evolution of the ideas that converge to reach a common point, the sixth edition of the meeting.

From here, the entire coordination of the image for the event is carried out with adaptations and applications for the offline and online environment, completing the entire development of the 6th ENAD, respecting at all times the personality of the image.

The event's website is also created, which is presented as a window to reflection and interaction, to the encounter between the user and the sixth edition of ENAD. The superimposed texts, the possibility of moving them in space and making them disappear or accumulate, and the play of colors promote the character of organizing ideas until the user reaches the most appropriate resolution.

An interface created to investigate, discover and think.
Client_ Red Española de Asociaciones de Diseño