Elements is presented as a tribute to the elemental. A fusion of products, their symbols and senses. The starting point is autumn, a season that refers to the purest of nature and, as a transitional stage, the beauty of all its changes. The earth, the humidity of the water, the reddish colors like fire and the movement of the air bring us back to the origins, to man's relationship with the earth. This opens up a new concept between the four elements and the products of this campaign. This connection gives rise to a display that plays with the senses, an experience that makes tangible that essence and its relationship with each of the products.

Using wood as a base and with a simple structure and images, the products become protagonists together with the elements, which acquire physical form to make real this interaction between the public and Elements Collection. The campaign closes with texts that immerse us in the collection, lines that delve into the sensations and experiences of products and elements: Ignis, Aer, Lacus, Terra.
Client_ Bubu Makeup