A company dedicated to the construction of modular houses with wooden structure at an international level asked us for the naming and branding for its market launch.

Their main strength is that they can have the house turnkey ready in 6 months and this had to be reflected in the naming. We also wanted to move away from the word "house" which we found cold and decided to work on the word "home" which is much warmer and suggestive.

También tendría que reflejarse ese acceso internacional alejándonos de las palabras con fonética hispana. Tras un proceso de desarrollo presentamos el naming “Husquick”. Nace de la unión de la palabra “Hus” que significa hogar en inglés antiguo y la palabra “Quick” que define claramente la celeridad en el proceso de fabricación y entrega.

For the graphic identity, the most appropriate was to generate a graphic system based on its hallmark, the manufacture of modules. To do this we designed a series of 15 identifying modules that will serve as a basis for both the brand identity and for the development of all applications required, both now and in the future, thus generating a dynamic and adaptable graphic system that clearly identifies the dynamic concept of the manufacture of houses according to the modules used.
Client_ Husquik_ eco-healthy homes