Mostra Artesanies Notóries de la Comunitat Valenciana _ MANS

Naming and graphic image of the "MOSTRA ARTESANIES NOTÓRIES DE LA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA_ MANS". The naming reflects the idea of the emblematic crafts of the Valencian Community, transferring it to a meaning of "notoriety" and the different exhibitions encompassing them in a "sample".  A play on words that, by making the acronym of the slogan "Muestra de Artesanías Notorias", draws what will be the naming of all this new line of work MANS "hands" that significantly evokes the concept of identity of manual craftsmanship.

The concept, of notorious trajectory, is transferred to the graphic image through the beginning of a discontinuous line that evolves into a continuous line and generates the main tool of the craftsman, his hands, which in turn integrates the naming of this cycle.

The use of a single identifying color means that it can be varied according to the use of color of each of the exhibitions, integrating naturally in each of them, without losing the graphic identity of the cycle.
Client_ Centre d’Artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana _ Generalitat Valenciana