Mostra del Cinema del Mediterrani de València

" The spectator as a protagonist"

It is without a doubt that the idea on which pivots all the graphic image that has been created from CREATIAS ESTUDIO for this 37th edition of the Mostra del Cinema del Mediterrani.

A graphic image that is not focused on a single poster but its dynamic and will be adapted to the different proposals made by the Mostra, encompassing the idea of meeting, of closeness with the public in a festive way and also giving importance to the parallel activities that occur throughout the event and the location where they take place. "The film spectator is the great voyeur of intimacy", this phrase by Isabel Coixet perfectly reflects what the graphic image proposes. That journey of the spectator and especially his gaze, through the different cinematographic proposals that are launched from different Mediterranean countries and were the spectator participates as an observer knowing stories and in a certain way being an intruder in them and in their intimacies. The graphic image also reflects the idea of "Encounter" both of the different idiosyncrasies of the different geographical points of the Mediterranean that are reflected in the projections, as well as the encounter of the people who participate in the Mostra, whether as spectators or not.

All these concepts are reflected in the graphic image that in the main poster is represented by the spectator's eyes that cast their gaze on the different proposals that will be seen in the Mostra, represented by different architectural icons more or less known, producing this encounter under the gaze and in the framework of the 37th edition of the Mostra.

Under a very representative graphic line with the use of all these lines that as a whole seeks, in addition to represent and communicate the Mostra itself and the concept, to generate some visual effort to the viewer in order that he has to observe in a more leisurely manner and can interact, discover and even create his own concept of what he is seeing.

A basic sans-serif typography naturally accompanies all those lines that make up the graphic image giving information about this edition and as a balance of all those black lines that are used in all posters and adaptations with representative colors of the different places that make up the Mediterranean, from the red most representative of the temperature of the south to the blue or green of cooler areas of the northern Mediterranean cities, and of course, the orange representative of the Mostra itself as it is part of its corporate identity.
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