Victoria Company Shoes

We are a company dedicated to footwear established in Elche, one of the areas traditionally specialized in the sector. The elaboration of the products in this area is already synonymous with quality and identity and we based the creation of the concept for its packaging on it.

As its corporate identity reflects, palm leaves are a symbol of identity and tradition and this extends to its packaging.

We unify the palm leaves with the footwear generating a sole created from the intertwining of the leaves, its elaboration provides that personal value and closeness to the customer. This palm sole, present in three different box formats, is made by a palm artisan from Elche, thus giving prominence to the location and acting at the same time as a tribute to all the people who work with palm leaves. So that the customer is aware of it, each box contains cards explaining the process of elaboration of that box and giving prominence to its creator.

A packaging that aims to be an experience, based on simplicity and providing proximity to the consumer, giving value to tradition, history and craftsmanship.
Client_ Victoria Company Shoes