Sarah Bernhardt

The spring 2019 campaign is presented as a tribute to Sarah Bernhardt, muse of Alfons Mucha, Czech painter and decorative artist, widely recognized as one of the greatest exponents of Art Nouveau. We are dealing with an independent woman who lived from her great passion, a French theater and film actress. It is she who inspires this collection, an example to follow as a brave and enterprising woman, being at the same time an image of temptation and elegance. We open the door to change, a welcome to spring with the beauty of nature and perfection through the use of geometric shapes and floral motifs.

We emphasize the qualities of women, taking Mucha's paintings as a reference: a woman who is socially and economically independent, seductive, self-confident, powerful, and who is as natural as the nature from which she emerges. It also seeks to promote the idea of ART NOUVEAU: breaking with the past and facing the future. To convey the idea that opting for this range of cosmetics, for SARAH BERNHARDT COLLECTION, is to choose the inner and outer nature of all women.
Client_ Bubu Makeup