Trazos de luz

Trazos de luz is a book-object that shows the essence of the Portuguese animators Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa, referents in the world of animation. The publication focuses on experimentation, transferring the value of process and technique, making the contents play in space. A defining element of this project is its packaging, the interaction between the book cover and its case reflects its title.

Trazos de luz talks about matter, light and shadow, black and white; about how to give life to animation through light, expressiveness and strokes. For this reason we designed an interactive cover, an optical game that allows the reader to be part of this animated process by experimenting with movement through the play of strokes. The publication consists of two unified books that oppose each other, making it necessary to rotate the book in order to read one or the other. This duality takes us back to light and shadow, to the Trazos de Luz by Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa.
Client_ Universitat Politécnica de València_ Animation Department