VOLA_ Viu, Obri’t, Lluita i Avança.

Every year the Asindown Foundation together with the Valencia C.F. Foundation make their charity calendar.

We propose the creation of a calendar based on the feeling of overcoming from a passionate point of view, the common values in both foundations that can transmit: the ability to make believe, to get excited, to feel and to be able to FLY to the highest, demonstrating that together it is possible to get where we propose, reaching our goals FLYING TOGETHER.

We relate both groups to a single concept: FLYING.

The flight as a representation of the bat with its wings open (symbol that represents Valencia CF) and the overcoming of the club, and the flight as the development of the Asindown collective, reaching the goals they set for themselves. We developed the claim from which the acronym of the campaign for the calendar will be based: FLYING. Written in Valencian, to reinforce the Valencian character.

FLY: Live, Open, Fight and Advance.