XV Encuentros EAD – CDICV

We developed the graphic image for the XV Encuentros EAD, an event organized by the Colegio De Interioristas de la Comunidad Valenciana and PechaKucha Night 20×20. Both have as a nexus the interaction of ideas and people in a common space and, through the use of typography, we reflect this concept of encounter.

The formats are different, the EAD meetings have a more traditional and sober character, it is an approach between manufacturers and interior designers to generate synergies. The PechaKucha is more playful, each professional presents his work with the handicap of a reduced time, which makes you be creative and entertaining when it comes to expose. To enhance this concept of differentiation between them we use several elements, on the one hand the color and orientation of the letters; for the meetings (more formal) the color is black and for the PechaKucha, as a contrast, we apply different colors to enhance that more casual character.

On the other hand, we developed an exclusive typography that allowed us to create this intertwined set of letters, resulting in a unified and dynamic image. Its arrangement in space, upwards and downwards, accentuates this differentiation and generates a game of interaction between the viewer and the poster. If you put it upwards, it will be identified with one of the events and, if we turn it, with the other, but it always maintains that character of interaction, of encounter, between the two.
Client_ Colegio de Interioristas de la Comunitat Valenciana